Track of the Week – Jan 14th – ‘Faded Friend’ – Cheating Lights

Okay so this week I’ve been back at home as I had a gig with my band. The song I’ve chosen this week is by the fantastic band Cheating Lights, who we gigged with on Saturday 12th January. The track is called ‘Faded Friend’ from the Elephant Dance EP. (Brilliant artwork by the way.)

The song itself is a real sing along. A cracking call and response chorus along with a belting vocal intro and a really emotional and important lyrical topic. If you’ve not heard of these guys before, be sure to check them out!


Track of the Week 1 – Jan 7th

Bridge Burning – Foo Fighters

What better way to kick start the year than one of the best rock bands to ever exist. Bridge Burning from the 2011 album Wasting Light is an absolute belter, combining a standard Foo killer chorus with Dave Grohl’s exceptional vocals and a face slapping riff.

As an album opener, it really get’s the adrenaline running. The play on dynamics and chromatic run downs is truly exciting. Furthermore, what a great opening lyric – ‘these are my famous last words’.

If you haven’t heard this track then you really should.

New year, new me?

First and foremost, welcome to my blog! With the beginning of a new year (2019… wow) I’ve decided I want to try something new, and this time stick to it.

I want to expand my music tastes. I want to listen to more and more music because frankly (pardon the cliché) I live for it. One thing I’ve learnt over the last few years is that whenever I find a new album or artist I love, I generally feel pretty great and liberated, like this build up of energy and awe can finally be released.

I want to talk about an album every month, whether that be one of my all time favourites or something brand new I’ve discovered, whatever I’ve been listening to a lot. At the end of each month I’ll explain why I’ve chosen that album and it’s strengths and weaknesses. Of course this will just be my opinion, but honestly, isn’t that what music is?

So I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year, and regardless of what 2018 brought you, I’m sure this year will be better, and I look forward to showing you some of my favourite music over the coming months.

PS – here are a few albums I’ve been listening to on repeat over December.